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Ireland is famous for its crystal making abilities and crystal made in Northern Ireland is no different. Crystal has been made in County Tyrone since 1771 and the exquisite workmanship showcases a rich Irish heritage. In particular, I showcase Tyrone crystal on my website because the South is not the only area of Ireland to produce such amazing Irish crystal items. Northern Ireland will always be Ireland and the North is the area of the country that I am most familiar with.

Today, craftsmen of Tyrone Crystal are breathing new life into the art of crystal making. Fusing traditional techniques with innovative design, they create work of lasting beauty which has a strong global following.

As well as the selection of pieces featured on this site, Tyrone Crystal also offers a bespoke commissioning service. The designers will interpret your individual desires for both personal and commercial occasions. From a vintage style chandelier for a boutique hotel to a cutting-edge award for a premier sports event; a precious anniversary gift to a one-off installation, Tyrone Crystal can create a unique and personalized piece. Please email here for more information.

Kellswater Lamp Killylea Lamp Chandelier Lamp with Shade Erne Lamp

Foyle 9" Candleholder Pair of HLM Candlesticks Pair of Rathmoyle Ashford Candelabrum 3 Arm

Carrick 5 Arm Chandelier Ashford 16 Arm Roughan 6 Arm Chandelier
HLM 5 Arm

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