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We add new items often and here are our latest additions to our Irish baby gifts section. Make your Irish baby christening or Irish baby shower more than special this year with an Irish knit christening gown and matching bonnet. And remember, each Irish baby gift item is handpicked for its quality and craftsmanship. Don't settle for ordinary baby gifts, order the best Irish baby gifts from A Bit O Blarney.com. We deliver Irish smiles, minus the Irish miles, and that's no blarney!

A note on sizing for the baby aran sweaters: simply measure across the chest and double it for the size.

Interested in authentic Irish baby names? Click here to access our updated Irish baby names database.

Ireland Baby Blanket $42 Baby Blanket $37 Christening Gown $149 Ireland Cardigan $27
Irish baby gifts

Baby Blanket $49
Our low price$37.50
Baby Dress/Pants Set $38
Our low price $29
Baby 4 Piece Set $45
Our low price$31.50
Baby Coat & Hat $35
Our low price $29.50

Papa's Irish Angel $15
Our low price$9.95
Pewter Irish Baby Cup $87
Our low price $74.50
Irish Bibs $9.50
Our low price $6.50
Nana's Irish Angel $15
Our low price $9.95
Irish baby gifts
Irish Princess $15
Our low price $9.95
Baby Aran Sweater $85
Our low price $64
Baby Aran Sweater $95
Our low price $79.50
Baby Aran Sweater $69
Our low price $59.50
Child's Aran Scarf $45
Our low price $35.50
Child's Aran Mittens $28
Our low price $19
Child's Aran Hat $35
Our low price $21
Irish Communion Doll $155
Our low price $129
Irish baby gifts

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